Buffets Inc – Sweet Partnership with The Group Travel Family

Buffets Inc.

announced their partnership with The Group Travel Family for 2013. The nation’s largest buffet-style restaurant operator, Buffets Inc., will be hosting each of the TravelTalks series this year. TravelTalks is a travel industry event that brings professionals together for education, networking, product information and just good times. Professionals in the travel industry can join up with a TravelTalks in their area to talk with other like-minded individuals.

Each of the TravelTalks series will be held exclusively at one of the many Buffets Inc. restaurants throughout the country. Some of these restaurants may include Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s, HomeTown Buffet, Fire Mountain and Country Buffet, all of which are owned and operated by Buffets Inc.
The TravelTalks series will be going around to 35 different cities this year. The meetings start at 9 am sharp at one of Buffets Inc. restaurants with complimentary coffee and danishes. It will last up until 11:30 am, at which point people attending the meeting will be given a coupon voucher for a discounted meal.
Buffets Inc. brand restaurants are the perfect match for travel groups, both big and small, because of their attractive amenities. For starters, the menu items are single-prices, which makes it easy for large groups to come in and order hassle-free. Trying to order meals for a dozen or more people can become quite difficult in most restaurants, but thankfully this isn’t a problem with buffet-style restaurants. In addition, they offer travel group organizers and coach drivers free meals, which is just another benefit to choosing them.
When questioned about the partnership, Tammy Knox of The Group Travel Family went on to say “It makes sense to hold TravelTalks at the Buffet Inc restaurants. After all, they are a national leader in group meals.”
Director of tourism and national sales for Buffets Inc., Julie Diamond, will manage and organize their new partnership with The Group Travel Family.

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